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joy glidden

Joy Glidden was a visual artist, performance artist, and art activist in Canada before moving to New York City, NY in 1987. She is the Founding Director of the DUMBO arts center (DAC) and co-founder of the DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival in Brooklyn, NY where she served as the Executive Director from 1997-2006. Using art as a catalyst for change, Glidden’s efforts achieved successful development in DUMBO that is now a model for similar waterfront developments around the world. She has lectured on non-profit policy for New York University in New York City, the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY, the Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Maryland and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and on the positive effects of an artist’s community and creative capital with the Danish, Norwegian, and Korean Consulates.

In 2006 Glidden relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana to assist in the wake of post Katrina deviation. Upon arrival in new Orleans, Glidden assisted in the writing of the Cultural section of UNOP (Unified New Orleans Plan) phase two. The cultural component of the plan was compiled by NPN, (National Performance Network) and used to inform Federal interests. During tat time she also assisted in the early structure of a small non-profit in New Orleans 7th ward called the Porch. Ms Glidden introduced new funders to New Orleans and formed an alliance called CVAANO (Contemporary Visual Arts Association of New Orleans in 2007 - present). The creation of this alliance is helping to unify large and small non-profit arts institutions in order to create a single voice for advocacy for New Orleans, on a City, State and National level.

Glidden acted as the Director of Louisiana ArtWorks, a 93,000 sq ft’ artist service organization near the Warehouse/Arts District, from 2007 to 2010. She is currently the CEO President of Art Index Inc. and Executive Producer of Art Index TV, a Public Broadcasting Service television series of half hour shows about contemporary art that hopes to articulate the ways in which art impacts our culture at large.

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